Outbreak Management Solution
The Liberty Outbreak Management System gives Individuals, Corporates and Governments the opportunity to keep the pandemic under control for their workforce by leveraging the latest advancement in technology such as constant machine learning and AI to keep their workforce informed and aware of the risks around them.


Create a safe environment for all. Track your exposure and health status


Use AI to track those at risk and notify. Help stay healthy with real-time data


Easy to use and not intrusive. Protection with minimal user interaction


Personal information, anonymised at source. Ask only what is necessary to keep you informed & safe

What is L&P

Your Safety and Data Privacy

Safety – Create a safe environment for all. Track your exposure and health status. You will be alerted if you come into contact with a COVID-19 positive individual and be advised on what to do next.

Privacy – Liberty takes personal data privacy very seriously. Liberty only asks what is necessary to keep you informed and safe. Your personal information is anonymized at source and is not used for any other purpose and will not be shared with third parties.

Liberty & Passage

Access Anywhere has developed a smart, effective cloud solutions using AI and ML to prevent, manage, and control the outbreak of infectious diseases such as COVID-1 9.

Our areas of expertise include a Total Outbreak Management System, Contact Tracing, Lockdown Monitoring, Enterprise Intelligence and Control leveraging a Universal real-time Database.

In collaboration with

The Liberty App

  • Privacy ensured. 
  • Opt-in power in your hands
  • Protect self, loved ones, colleagues and others
  • Captures and sends non-Pii data to central system 
  • Easy-to-use
  • In return, user gets a real-time risk status of likelihood of infection.
  • Record temperature with precise locations using QR code/wifi 
  • Opt-out anytime

For Who

Liberty Open - For the Individual

Liberty Corporate - For Employees

Liberty Corporate - For Employers

Liberty Passage - For Government

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